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This post addresses issues related to the change process.

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Have you witnessed individuals on the job who resisted change? Describe the behaviors exhibited.

What are some of the more important strategies in the change process?

Identity properties of innovative organizations and factors for successful change.

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Have you witnessed individuals on the job who resisted change?

Throughout my career, I have witnessed many individuals on the job that resisted change. Most recently, we completely restructured our company. This included making changes to almost every area of our operations and also included making a few changes to our organizational hierarchy. The complete restructuring process was to make many improvements in various areas. Although a few of those areas (like operations) were excelling, the restructuring plan was implemented to allow for even more continued growth and to drive the company forward by implementing the newest technologies into our company's operations. When large-scale change takes place, it can bring about different emotions in employees, ...

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The solution discusses various topics related to the change process.

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