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    Ethical Issues

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    Topic 1- Post the URLs of the websites you visited and give one example of a research ethics violation.

    Assignment Checklist:

    1. Distinguish a legitimate website concerning research ethics.

    2. Discuss a description of the research ethics issue (violation).

    3. Interpret the violation and why it would be considered unacceptable behavior.
    Topic 2 - List the portions of the research report and discuss the importance of one section of the report.

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    //In this topic, we are going to learn about the ethics related to a research. Further, we will discuss about the research ethics issue (violation) and why it would be considered as unacceptable behavior. In this report, we are also going to learn about the importance of research ethics and an example of a research ethics violation.//

    Research Ethics are the morals and the guidelines that can be interpreted as the code of conduct, determining how to act and the ways and means by which the problems and the issues can be critically examined. Ethical norms are informal in nature, which can differ from individual to individual. It is mostly learned at various stages of life as they grow and these must be scientifically sound (Resnik, 2010). These include the variety of principles and the standards essential for the implementation of the research involved in human and animal experimentation and academic scandals such as fraud, plagiarism and copying of the data.

    The research report must be built on the foundation of trust to describe the accuracy of its work without biasness. Research, in the social science, presents ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 696 words with references