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Career and Employee Plateaus

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Why do employees plateau? How could you help a plateaued employee? Discuss the characteristics of a plateaued employee who might resist your help.

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Employees plateau for various reasons. Some willingly accept help and others are resistent to any assistance. This response explains what a career plateau is and how you can help even a resistant employee.

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Before we can figure out why an employee plateaus we must first understand what this means. A career plateau is defined as the point in the employee's career where the possibility of promotion becomes low or completely impossible. This presents a challenge for the human resource professional that can certainly recognize the lack of vertical promotion but may be able to determine growth for the employee in a more lateral manner.

To assist the employee who is stuck in the plateau there are three basic things that need to be addressed by HR.

1. Prevent the employee from becoming ineffective. To do this the employee must be convinced that this plateau does not mean they have failed. Then the employee needs to be directed to pursue other areas for personal development and growth.

2. All career-related ...

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