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    Miscommunication Types in Organization

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    In every single type of organization, especially a health care organization, communication is extremely important and the necessity for communication to be correctly transmitted and received is vitally important. Miscommunication can lead to wasted time and money. What we need here is clear effective honest communication? In the case of healthcare timeliness is usually a critical component in the treatment of patients and making sure that they get good care and are going to respond well to what they should do! And then of course, there is always a group of folks who going to argue with my process and I can't for my life understand what there big dad gum issues is; I mean seriously, don't you think we could be real for a second? Response should address two parts: Specify the problem(s) that exist and rework the sentence(s) to resolve the issues.

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    Communication in any organization needs to be clear. The use of specific words, and in the case of healthcare, technical words, is vital. Communication and its form, written and verbal, have specific needs. Clarity of instructions, clearly written comment, and non-judgmental respect are called for in business communication.

    The first rule of communications, especially in healthcare, is to listen. Hear what the person and their concerns are. Listening means better care for patients in terms of safety and cultural sensitivity (Handzo, 2012). Listening gives people the opportunity to gauge another person's meaning, their passion, their level ...

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    The miscommunication types in organizations are examined.