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Barriers in Effective Communication

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Describe a situation a workplace where one could experience one of the barriers to effective communication. Identify the barrier and describe how it should be handled in the situation. What other way might this be handled differently?

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Barriers to Effective Communication, Examples and What to Do
According to Gwyn Teatro, there are four barriers to effective communication: cultural, linguistic, biases & assumptions.

Cultural Barriers - Two people may get the exactly the same message but may interpret it differently due to the differences in their attitudes and beliefs that are caused by their personal experiences and environment. Their perspectives and languages may cause miscommunication. A common source of misunderstanding in people who come from different races is the non-verbal behaviour. For example, in an organization that is composed of Asians and Americans, body languages such as westerners making eye contact as a sign of interest during a ...

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4 barriers to effective communication, examples of each barrier (in a workplace setting) and how to minimize or reduce miscommunication caused by each barrier. Over 500 words, plus references.

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