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    Discussing Barriers to Effective Communication

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    Describe a situation from your a workplace where you experienced one of the barriers to effective communication (senders need to accurately communicate their intended message).

    Identify the barrier and describe how you handled the situation. What might you do differently in the future?

    Formulate into a one page response.

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    One of my experience with barriers to communications was that I was required to communicate to the lathe making team that they were required to change the design of the lathe they were making. The production manager had asked me to communicate this message. When I reached the team on the shop floor and told them about the change required, they did not properly understand what I told them but nodded as if they ...

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    This solution explains barriers to effective communication. A situation in the workplace where the expert has experiences one of the barriers to effective communication. The barriers are identified and described how to handle the situation. The sources used are also included in the solution.