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    Standard Communication Styles

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    What are some of the standard communication styles used in your place of business and how do these styles help or create communication barriers?

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    One must understand his/her own personal style of communicating in order to create good and lasting impressions on others. However, good communication skills require a high level of self-awareness and only by becoming aware of how others perceive you can you adapt easily to their styles of communicating.

    In our workplace, there are three communication styles that are being used: aggressive, passive, and assertive. The aggressive persons are those who believe that everyone should be like them and that they are never wrong. They are poor listeners and as a result, they are close minded and have difficulty understanding other person's points of view. Since they hardly believe others and are a bit self-centered, they usually monopolize conversations and interrupts others talking just to get the attention to themselves. The passive employees are those who don't express their true feelings and allow others ...

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