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    States as Policy Laboratories

    It has often been noted by scholars that the fifty states are policy laboratories that craft and implement public policies that are very specific and relevant to their state populations. In many cases, these experiments sometimes rise to the level of becoming a national policy because Congress will use them as model legislation.

    Are States Beholden to Washington?

    Do you believe that Washington has taken the lead in policy creation and implementation? Do you think that states are, in practice, beholden to Washington because of the funding that they depend upon from the central government? Or, on the contrary, do you think that the states maintain a great deal of power and autonomy in our

    Fixed Price versus Cost Plus Contracts

    Describe and discuss when one should use a fixed price contract for a project. Compare and contrast this to an incentive fee contract and a cost plus contract.

    Securing Contracts

    As a project manager, how do you determine when project work should be contracted out, and how does risk enter into the decision?

    Managing Risks in Subcontracting

    There is a puzzle in regard to risk. What is management's responsibility regarding risk? At what level(s) does each aspect of risk management lie? How does this changing risk change the relationship of sub-contractors? How might they add or subtract from risk?

    Remote and Environmental Risk

    How might new environmental risk requirements impact business in the future? When reviewing risk, does one need to consider even remote risk if there is a potential high cost or negative ramification?

    Company Direction: Mission and Vision

    Consider a company you patronize on a regular basis. Evaluate the effectiveness of the company's mission and vision statement, and provide an example of how the mission is carried out in your interaction with the company. Evaluate whether or not the mission and vision has been adequately communicated to employees and customer

    Using Location Analysis to Perform a Study

    I need some help getting started with the following: - Using the concept of Location Analysis, find an article that focuses on this concept at Logistics World: Logistics World (http://www.logisticsworld.com) - Explain how and why this concept is used and how it is necessary for this company to succeed. Thank you!

    An analysis of value-added services

    What is meant by value-added services? Why are these services considered essential in a customer success program? Please find an example of both types of marketing.

    When did it become wrong to make a profit either domestically or internationally?

    When did it become wrong to make a profit either domestically or internationally? There is a common belief often heard in government and the media now that only evil corporations make a profit. However, profit is what drives product improvements, don't you think? Rather than being unethical, profits are what allow us to have fa

    Mental Models/Mindsets That May Inhibit Learning

    I need help in identifying two mental models that may be inhibiting learning of students at University of Phoenix. I am working with a team in an online setting; I have attached a chart of diversity factors of my classmates and myself (cultural, work experience, education, age, gender, and non-work experience).

    Organizations that have made mistakes in foreign countries

    Research would indeed be very helpful when doing business in a country where English is not spoken and the Internet leaves us no excuse for not doing our homework. Do you know of an example where an individual or an organization made a mistake in another country that damaged their business or reputation?

    Managing Scope Creep

    Project foundations (operational requirements, system requirements, design constraints, and software requirements) determine the scope of work to be accomplished in a project. I have seen situations where the project was constrained by scope and schedule. How do you manage requirements and prevent "scope creep?"

    Benefits of the Agile and Scrum Models

    Agile and Scrum are two industry buzzwords that most of you, if not all of you, should be familiar with. Do you see any advantage to agile or Scrum methodologies? How does agile differ from the evolutionary model?

    Trends in Operations Management

    Can you tell how operations management changed over the past 100 years, current technology and future trends. How fast will it take African countries, China, and India to catch up and surpass the United States and other developed countries?

    Approaches to Contracting

    If you were entering into a contract with another party as the buyer, explain the process you would use to decide which main approach to contracting you would prefer. Would it be to your advantage to employ a competitive method or a noncompetitive method? Would your choice be different if you were the seller? Why or why not?

    Lessons Learned

    Why is it called lessons learned? Are there some projects that can be closed-out and documented easier than others?

    Environmental Issues - New Belgium Brewing Company

    What environmental issues does the New Belgium Brewing Company (NBB) work to address? How has NBB taken a strategic approach to addressing these issues? Why do you think the company has taken such a strong stance toward sustainability?