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Business Management

Speaking the Truth: Minority position, consequences

1. Describe an instance when you stood up and spoke out for what was right even though you were in the minority or were greatly outnumbered. 2. Analyze the consequences of standing up and indicated whether you would do it again. 3. Analyze an instance when someone told you the hard truth about something you did or didn'

Change management products

Use the Internet to identify at least two software change management products. Contrast their features and costs. Please include references. Thank you for the help!!

Sales Management: Consider ethnic factors in assigning territories to sales reps

A company may adjust its territorial boundaries in large citites because of the market concentration of certain racial, national, or religious groups. One part of a city may have a heavy ethnic concentration. Retailers also may be predominantly of the same ethnic group, and use of the group's native language may be widespread i

Salespeople's territories

Salespeople normally are prohibited from going outside their territorial boundaries in search of business. Sometimes, however, a customer located in one district will voluntarily seek out a sales rep or branch office located in another district. Perhaps this customer can realize a price advantage by buying outside his/her home

Implications of Transformational Leadership

- Provide some information about 3-4 organizations. (Company industry, products/services, size, employees, core values, information on CEO, company culture, etc.) - what are the implications of transformational leadership issues in these organizations. - How have these organizations have solved these issues

Job performance model vs. Maslow's and McClelland's need theories.

Discuss two of the following statements. Discuss the job performance model and compare and contrast Maslow's and McClelland's need theories. Review the Four Intrinsic Rewards underlying intrinsic motivation, how managers can cultivate motivation in others, and the causes and consequences of job satisfaction. Describ

Research Proposal Process

I need help with these questions to help write a paper on research proposal what section of a research proposal discusses the reliability of any test that are to be used? which sections of a research proposal states what contribution has been made by previous research? Which is a common criticism of research articles? Data


What are the various roles HR plays in organizations, from generalists to specialists? What are the various specialties of HR management, such as employee relations and staffing management? Choose one specialty, and describe the key competencies and strategic assistance that it provides to an organization.

Clearing Up Fuzzy Front Ends of Projects

Besides the usual problems generally associated with product development such as assigning tasks to competent people, monitoring progress, and dealing with delays and changing requirements, there are also several challenges unique to developing software. Among these are managing a process that moves forward in small increments a

Training and development: Designing to Reach All Audiences

You have been advised that there will be a group of hearing impaired individuals attending your "Effective Presentations" training class. Discuss how you will design your presentation, the method you will use to deliver the content, and the resources you will need to assist you for an effective training class. (Roughly 2 para

Bus 375 Employee Training

1. Needs Assessment If you had to conduct a needs assessment for your current employer (or most recent, if not currently employed) describe the method you would use. Why did you choose that method? 2. Effective Learning Do you think instructional objectives help learning to occur? Why or why not? 3. Learning Theories

Personal Reflection and Purpose

â?¢ Submit a personal reflection and purpose statement prior to attending the residency. The assignment must include, at a minimum, the following key elements. â?¢ Include the factors that led you to pursue this degree and your purpose for engaging this level of scholarship. Include the academic influences that shape your

Stages of the Systematic Training

Identify the stages of the systematic training cycle and explain how this process is used for identifying and responding to training and development needs. Can such a training cycle be applied broadly throughout an organisation? If necessary, how can it be adapted to accommodate diverse cultures?

Workplace Security Officials

In recent days, numerous incidents of civil disobedience have occurred in many Middle Eastern countries and Europe. Some experts attribute many of the social media, i.e. Facebook, cell phones, and others, as contributing to the massing of citizens and ultimately to some of the violence seen on the various news outlets. Recently,

Workplace Security: Article Critique

I do not understand the assignment for the Article we pick an article for something that is Workplace Security related? ANSWER: Yes, pick and article pertaining that pertains to any topic covered in Units 1-4. Check the announcement I placed in the course for some helpful hints. Here are a few pointers to a

Case Study

Read Case Study 3.3 - Andy's Recipe Leadership Theory and Practice (Northouse) Address the three questions at the end of the case study. Provide research from two sources other than our course textbooks that either supports or contradicts your analysis. Your response should be two-three pages in addition to your cover page an

Employee training: Reaction to computer based training at Try Training Company

The 'Try Training Company' is having difficulty understanding why its employees are showing little improvement from training on a new word processing software program. The training is a two-hour, computer-based tutorial that employees take on their own time. Design a reaction outcome evaluation that identifies employees' motivat

Based on Rawls' Theory of Justice as Fairness, complete the following: Summarize the concept of the "original position." Summarize the concept of the "veil of ignorance." Apply both concepts to an issue in today's society that you feel is important.

Based on Rawls' Theory of Justice as Fairness, complete the following: Summarize the concept of the "original position." Summarize the concept of the "veil of ignorance." Apply both concepts to an issue in today's society that you feel is important. Thanks

What can a company do to decrease its customer's price sensitivity?

1. You are considering purchasing a personal computer. What factors would affect your price sensitivity in making the decision? How would those same factors affect the price sensitivity of some personal computer buyers differently? 2. What can a company do to decrease its customer's price sensitivity? Would all of the custom

Employee training and development: Role of ROI in Training

There are many contributors to performance technology. Donald Kirkpatrick and Jack Phillips are two pioneers, regarded as influential in training evaluation. Visit Kirkpatrick's site,, for a description of his four levels of evaluation, Donald Kirkpatrick's Learning Evaluation Model. Jack Phillips added one

Taking on All Comers at Southwest (case study)

1. Judging on the basis of information in the case, describe the managerial skills that Southwest managers such as Colleen Barrett and Jim Parker use in their jobs at Southwest. Include examples of situations in which they use these skills. 2. Summarize the internal work environment at Southwest. Relate your summary to your