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Human Error In Databases

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Discuss human error in databases and what steps can be taken to reduce these errors.

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This solution discusses human error in databases and what steps can be taken to reduce these errors. It discuses the sheer magnitude of this problem, how these problems may be mitigated, and includes two reference sources for further investigation of the topic.

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"More than half (56 percent) of the IT pros polled who were outside the financial services sector and 77 percent of those in the sector said human error is the greatest threat to database security, according to the survey of 216 members of the International Sybase Users Group sponsored by Application Security Inc., a database security company, and conducted by Unisphere Research" (Mello Jr., 2011). Inaccuracies caused by human error in databases result in wasted time and the likelihood of further errors caused by the labor-intensive job of managing certain processes. ...

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