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    Kaiser Aluminum and the United Steelworkers Case Study

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    Please see the case study attached pertaining to the following questions.

    1.Identify the problems identified in the case. Evaluate the options of possible solutions presented by the authors.
    2.Are the percentage figures in the case "quotas"? Are they justified under the circumstances?
    3.Does Kaiser have a justified employment policy? If not, how should it be revised?
    4.Does Kaiser's policy eventuate in reverse discrimination against Weber? If so, is it justified?
    5.Does the fact that the agreement was voluntary and temporary make the case morally different?
    6.How much should companies be willing to do to correct historical inequalities?
    7.What was the author's recommend solution? Do you agree or disagree with their recommendation? Why or why not?

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    1. One of the major problems identified in this case, was the fact that the percentage of black skilled workers in this plant was significantly lower than the workforce of black workers in the immediate area surrounding the plant. This caused a situation in which the company was suspected of being racially biased in its hiring of unskilled workers, which is a detrimental situation for any organization to have, especially in respect to its public image and perception. Another problem identified in this case, is the fact that Kaiser tended to hire its experienced and skilled workers from outside of the plant, which prevented many of its workers from ever being able to attain the skilled worker positions within the organization. One of the possible solutions presented by the authors, was to develop and implement a training program so that workers within the organization would be given a method by which to gain the skills needed in order to be able to fill the skilled worker position openings. In addition, this program would entail selecting individuals based on their seniority within the organization, as well as ensuring that at least 50% of those selected would be black, in order to remedy the prejudicial treatment that ...