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    How has logistics management changed over the past years?

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    Research logistics management. How has logistics management changed over the past years? Why has the importance of logistics management been growing over the past few decades?

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    Logistics management is generally defined as a component of the supply chain, which is characterized by planning, moving products/service/information from one point to another, and the implementation of strategic efficiency. In the most basic terms, it is managing the flow of a product/service from one point to another in the most efficient manner.

    Traditionally, logistics management was seen as a small component of the overall dimensions of production systems. However, over the past number of years, logistics management has increased in complexity exponentially. Due to such complexity (compounded by the rise of ...

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    This solution discusses how logistics management has changed with the rise of globalization and the internet. It explains how this new and connected environment has caused the rise in importance of logistics management.