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    Discussion Question: Why is logistics management more complex beyond globalization?

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    However, over the past number of years, logistics management has increased in complexity exponentially. Due to such complexity (compounded by the rise of globalization), many companies now outsource their logistical requirements to more specialized firms.

    Why is logistics management more complex beyond globalization?

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    Logistics is generally defined as a process of getting information, products, and services from one point to another in an efficient and prompt manner. Complexity arises in logistics from the scope of operations. For instance, consider the need to plan and execute a wedding party. The logistics of such a party can be relatively simplistic, flowers, ice, music, etc. The geographical distance and the number of modes are limited. With the rise of globalization, the concept of logistics increased exponentially in scope. There is a new depth based on geographical distance and number of modes.

    Consider a mining company in Africa which has customers located in Europe, North ...

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    Logistics management for more complex beyond globalization are examined.