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    Defining management and conducting presentations

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    1. What is management? Provide an example or scenario to describe how you, as a manager, would use each function to reach your organization's goals.
    2. You have selected the in-person presentation channel to communicate. What are three prerequisites that should be clear before giving an in-person presentation to your audience? What are the "dos" and two "don'ts" that will provide for a successful presentation?

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    1. Management is organizing and coordinating activities that result in the achievement of a defined goal (see reference below). As a manager, the scenario for my example is implementation of a new intranet that employees can access from home. The goal is that by June 30, 2012; all 40 of the organization's employees will understand how to access internal organizational documents from their home. I coordinate with the information technology staff to create a "quick guide" as reference material for employees to retain at home; which walks them through the steps to access our intranet. I would then organize training sessions to be conducted over the next several weeks that allows for employees to see how access works from a "live" computer station. By ...

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    This two-part soluation case defines what management is and what functions managers perform to reach the organization's goals. The second part of this case addresses how to conduct a presentation; ensuring communication is clear and what the "dos" and "don'ts" are in a successful presentation. The solution is over 450 words and includes a reference.