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    Job Analysis of a College Student

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    Consider the job of a college student. Perform a job analysis on this job. What tasks are required in the job? What knowledge, skills and abilities are necessary to perform those tasks? Prepare a job description based on your analysis.

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    //Job analysis refers to the collection of pertinent information related to the job, which includes sets of knowledge, skills and abilities required to complete the tasks. The job analysis involves job description and job specification that helps in assigning the right person on the right job. In this answer, we will study the job analysis of a college student that will help to know the important facts about the job. We will also explain job description, and the knowledge, skills, and abilities required in performing the tasks by the college student.//

    Job Analysis

    Job analysis is a systematic process of collecting important attributes and information of particular job i.e. skills, duties, activities and knowledge required to complete the job. Job analysis helps in knowing what type of job the person is expected to do and why this job is to be done. It requires mental and physical capability in a person to perform a job. The job analysis helps the person to form a proper KSA (knowledge, skills and ability) for getting the work done in an orderly manner within a prescribed time. It also helps in designing job specifications and job descriptions of a person to perform a task assigned to him (Kelynhans, 2006).

    Every person has a different kind of skill set unlike an employee of a company and a college student. In the context of a college student, the student possesses various types of skills, knowledge and abilities to complete the studies (Kelynhans, 2006).

    Job Analysis of a College Student

    The job consists of duties and responsibilities which require skills, abilities and knowledge. The job analysis of a college student involves the study of several activities like ...

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    A job analysis of a college student is examined. The tasks required in the job are determined.