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Marketing a small college in a big City

I have been employed as the Professional Education Program (PEP) Advisor for a small college to do an SWOT external analysis for the college. Our advertising budget is limited to $20,000. I need to create ways to get our product (education) out to the community and county so they know we are here and affordable and we have a good business program with community leaders teaching from their fields of expertise. Find ways to increase enrollment. Analysis the external environment including the remote and operating environment.

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SWOT analysis includes Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats:

We have to look at this situation in a unique way since it is a small college and depending whether it is a small or large community, that would make a difference as well. However, we'll assume that this is a mid-size community with a small college.

Strength: Smaller teacher to student ratio. Usually smaller colleges have fewer students in most classes including core classes enabling the students to receive more out of their tuition dollars and interact more with other students and professors. There is also a sense of community that is not possible with many larger schools. The biggest strength that smaller colleges offer is probably the ability to design programs specific to individual student needs. Many times, students are able to contract independent study classes with professors that provide the students the ability to research and learn exactly what they want to learn instead of something that is in a pre-written course description.

Weakness: Smaller alumni base and notoriety is always an obstacle when ...