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This post addresses ways to grow university revenue.

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If a college is constrained by lack of available space for more dormitories, how can a college grow their revenue? The college currently has undergraduate programs where they offer students residents and graduate and specialized doctoral programs without residents.

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The most important point to look at here is the biggest current source of revenue for the college, and to grow that source. Undeniably, tuition fees are the main revenue source. The college has a lack of space to house students, so all initiatives to increase revenue have to be based on that particular fact. We can suggest a few different ways that would allow the college to grow tuition revenue. The college needs to get more students in, and at classes, without having to house the students. This is done primarily in two different ways: (1) making classes available online, so location wouldn't be a factor, and the ...

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The solution provides a detailed discussion explaining if a college is constrained by lack of available space for more dormitories, how they can college grow their revenue.

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