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    Social Networking Industry - Facebook

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    - Research a prosperous social networking Web site or company, and use it as a benchmark.
    - Discuss in detail the main objective of the researched social networking Web site or company.
    - Discuss the benchmark Web site or company's core strengths.
    - Discuss at what extent the benchmark Web site or company strategy has been built upon a common set of resources and capabilities rather than specific customer needs.
    - Explain the principal resources and capabilities of the benchmark Web site or company.
    - Identify the benchmark Web site or company's basis for formulating its strategy.
    - Explain what core strengths of the benchmark Web site or company would help your company jump into the global marketplace.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1028 words with references.
    // Facebook is one of the most popular social networking website, it helps people to stay connected and also supports in effective promotional campaign. There are many applications and pages that are specially meant for developing connection and advertisements. This document will enclose the information gathered by research done on Facebook (a social networking website) and how Facebook supports other companies in marketing and promotions.//

    Facebook is one of the largest and popular social networking website. It has got almost 600 million users and still the number is increasing day by day. People spend quality time on social networking website (Volkin, 2009). In today's scenario, it is very hard to be connected with our loved ones (friends and relatives) every time. But Facebook made it easy to remain in touch with people whom we want to. It also helps many online companies and websites to promote their product and services. In fact, it provides very active platform for advertisement (Volkin, 2009).

    Facebook has developed internet marketing and advertising network for companies or websites. Revenue of Facebook is generated through internet marketing and advertising networking only. Facebook provides two kind of marketing: Paid Marketing and Organic Marketing (Volkin, 2009). Organic Facebook marketing involves brand building and letting people know about the product and services provided by other companies, in case of Facebook marketing more 'likes' on a page means more popularity. Facebook can have a page of an individual as well as for the entire company (Volkin, 2009).

    The process of broadcasting on Facebook is done in the following way: ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1028 words with references.