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    Social Networking: Social Media

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    Discuss your viewpoint on social networking and refer to the content from the articles to support your findings; cite at least 3-5 sources.

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    Social networking refers to interaction between users, in order to locate users with similar interests. In the formal sense, social networking need not include computers; however, the modern reference to social networking typically includes the use of websites and computer applications.

    Commonly used social networks include:
    Facebook--meant mostly for group discussions and chatting.
    Twitter--meant mostly for broadcasting short messages to followers.
    LinkedIn--meant for employment and professional purposes
    Pinterest--meant for sharing photos.

    Social networks can be used by individuals to share experiences, discuss common interests, find employment opportunities, or develop relationships. Businesses can use social networks to advertise their products or services, or follow up with customers about their purchases. Social networking allows one to have a broader pool from which to form a relationship. Because the internet spans across a wide geographical region, users are not limited to developing friendships with just the person next door. Social networking has the ability to encourage diversity. In my viewpoint, social networking encourages collaboration across not just geographic regions but also across ages, and racial and ethnic boundaries.

    Just as there are dangers in the real world, there are dangers in social networking. Since online networks allow a person a large measure of anonymity, there may be predators who claim to be someone they are not. Data theft is also a problem. In my viewpoint, it is important to use common sense when it comes to social networking.

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