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Effect of demand and supply on housing prices

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Explain why housing prices vary from city to city. Clearly explain how supply and demand affect the prices of the homes.
I have done the research on various markets but I and the cost of housing but I am not sure how to explain why the prices vary.
Washington Atlanta Denver New Jersey San Francisco
$350,000 $135,000 $169,000 $279,900 $489,000
$350,000 $139,900 $170,000 $285,000 $350,000
$359,900 $144,000 $170,000 $319,000 $338,888
$353,300 $139,633 $169,667 $294,633 $392,629

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Housing prices vary from city to city due to differences in parameters affecting the prices.

Supply Side: The supply side is constrained with limited land availability. The land is limited and number of houses, which can be built on the limited land, are also limited. Although, a city can expand to cater to the increasing housing demand by expanding its ...

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Housing prices vary from city to city due to differences in parameters affecting the prices. The solution discusses various factors on the supply side and demand side and explains how the changes in supply and demand for the housing would push the prices up or down. The solution is 366 words and two charts.

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