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    Core competency and marketing

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    Organizational Theory study guide question

    Question 1: Considering the potential advantages of large and small size, would you describe the "feel" of your college or university as big, small, or small-within-big? Why? What might make it feel different?
    Question 2: What is a core competence? Generate some examples of companies with distinctive competencies, identifying what those competencies are. Brainstorm some creative new products and markets to which these competencies could be applied

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    I do not know what school you attend or how it might feel, so I can only give you an example.

    1. My school is large with thousands of students. However, it feels smaller because my department is very insular. There are interactions with the major school, but the relative feeling is that we, the students in this department, are apart due to our specialized situations and study. If there were more inclusions for us or attempts made to include us in ...

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