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    Conducting an Audit Plan

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    Explain how you plan for conducting an audit. Explain the objective of conducting an audit and the responsibilities involved in the audit process.

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    The planning of conducting an audit should include analyzing the company and industry, analyzing the business unit, identifies the deliverables, identify the audit scope, develop the project audit, and continue ongoing planning and analysis (www.office.microsoft.com).
    The first step of planning of conducting an audit would be to analyzing the company and it will include studying the client's business and industry. This step of analyzing the company will include researching information that will affect the company such as political, economic, and major events. The client's internal practices are very important for understanding the business and factors that will affect the audit such as restricting, management change and large increase of sales (www.office.microsoft.com).
    The next step would be to analyze the business unit and it will include gathering different levels of data about the business from such employees' profiles, company charts, and supporting documentation for current initiatives (www.office.microsoft.com)
    The third step of the planning of conducting an audit would be to identify the deliverables and would include identifying regulatory changes that will affect the delivery of the completed audit must be made known in advance (www.office.microsoft.com).
    The next step of planning the conduct of an audit would be to identify the audit scope. This step will include creating ...

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