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Distinguish Between Correlation, Simple, and Multiple Regression

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1. Distinguish between correlation, simple, and multiple regression analyses. Provide one example using the six-step hypotheses testing procedure. Start by providing a verbal and numerical description of the null and alternate hypotheses. You do not need to provide calculation.

2. What is a significance level? How does a researcher choose a significance level?

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Resources: Week Five Calculations (attached)
Read the scenarios; Week Five Calculations document, and answer the accompanying questions.
Submit your responses to the questions listed in the Week Five Calculations.


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1. Correlation indicates if there is any relationship between tow or more variables. SImple regression is a method which helps determine the relationship between a continuous output and one factor. The relationship is typically expressed in terms of a mathematical equation such as Y = b + mX
Multiple regression is a method which determines relationship between one dependent variable and multiple independent variables.

Example: To study if there is any relationship between temperature of environment where car is driven and battery performance. The performance of the battery can be measured by the number of miles driven from the ...

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