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Correlation and Simple Linear Regression Using SPSS

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1. Use SPSS to provide key descriptive statistics for each continuous and ordinal variable (mean, median, standard deviation) in a table format. Provide a frequency table for categorical variables. Briefly describe the results in your tables.
2. Use SPSS to provide bivariate analysis. Compute multiple correlation coefficients and their p-values: (a) for the relationship between social studies and Math and Reading considered simultaneously; (b) the partial correlation coefficients for variables reading and Social studies when Gender is held constant; (c) the partial correlation coefficient for variables Math and Reading when Gender is held constant. Describe and interpret the results of these correlation coefficients and p-values.
B. What test is appropriate to measure the correlation between reading in rank and visual acuity in rank? Perform this test. Describe and interpret the results.
C. Perform two simple linear regressions: 1) social studies as a predictor of reading scores, and 2) math as a predictor of reading scores. Describe and interpret the results (including the coefficients). Include the linear regression equations.

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This solution is comprised of a detailed explanation of the use correlation and Simple Linear Regression Using SPSS. This solution mainly discussed the properties of correlation and Simple Linear Regression. A logical answer is given for every situation for better clarity on correlation and Simple Linear Regression Using SPSS.

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