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Descriptive Statistics, Bivariate and Linear Regression

1. Using SPSS conduct descriptive statistics and provide a brief report. Your report should include descriptive statistics on all pertinent variables in the dataset (i.e. frequencies/percentages for nominal data; mean/median and standard deviations for continuous data). Include relevant tables in your write-up of the descriptive statistics.
2. Use SPSS to conduct bivariate analysis of the data and provide a brief report to include in the Results section. Find -correlation coefficients and p-values of FEV with age, sex, height and current smoke status. -whether there is a statistically significant difference between the mean of FEV with respect to the following: 1)gender and 2)smoking status. Include relevant tables and a description/interpretation of results.
3. Two simple linear regressions: 1) age as a predictor of FEV, and 2) height as a predictor of FEV. Describe and interpret the results (including the coefficients). Include the linear regression equations. How do the R values in linear regression relate to the correlation coefficient in the case of age and height?

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