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Oregon Fiber Board's Production sizes and failure data

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Oregon Fiber Board makes roof liners for the automotive industry. The manufacturing manager is concerned about product quality. She suspects that one particular failure, tears in the fabric, is related to production-run size. An assistant gathers the following data from production records.

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This solutions concerns the Oregon Fiber Board's problem about product quality. Given the production size and failure data, a scatter diagram was produced showing an inverse relationship between production run size and percentage of failure. The data is shown in the spreadsheet file.

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Note: You can use spreadsheet capability to plot the scatter graph.

To do this, highlight the production run sizes data and failure data.

Run Size Failure (%)
1 1,000 3.5
2 4,100 3.8
3 2,000 5.5
4 6,000 1.9
5 6,800 2.0
6 3,000 3.2
7 2,000 3.8
8 1,200 4.2
9 ...

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