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This post addresses the Concealment of Education case study.

Case: Grievance Discussion Case 4: Concealment of Education on a Job Application


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#1 The main factor in the dismissal being legitimate from the standpoint of Susan is that it was discovered that Norbuck used deceit on his application. Several factors need to be considered regarding the circumstances. The deceit criterion can be easily proved based on the fact that Norbuck was made aware that he would not be hired because of his prior academic experience and teaching background. In order to get hired by the company, he recognized that he had to be deceitful on his application, as the grounds were already laid for why he needed to be deceitful. He followed through in order to gain appointment, by withholding information from the potential employer. After he was hired, he still remained silent about his background, and made sure that he did not divulge his academic or professional experience, so there was no attempt on Norbuck's behalf to resolve the matter after securing employment with the company. ...

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