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    This post addresses resistance to change.

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    Understanding and managing organizational change presents complex challenges. Planned change may not work, and at the root of it all is "resistance".

    Please address the following:

    When Jorge Maldonado became general manager of the local civic recreation center, he realized that many changes would be necessary to make the facility a true community resource. Having the benefit of a new bond issue, then center had the funds for new equipment and expanded programming. All he needed to do now was get the staff committed to the new initiatives. Unfortunately, his efforts have been met with considerable resistance to change. A typical staff comment is, "Why do we need all these extras? Everything is fine as it is."

    How can Jorge deal with the employees' resistance to change, to enable him to move the change process along?

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    This is an extremely common situation, as many employees are often resistant to change. Jorge needs to explain to the employees the exact changes that he intends to make, and why he wants to make them. The more that Jorge can explain how the community will benefit from the ...

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    The solution provides a detailed discussion examining how management can deal with the employees' resistance to change, to enable management to move the change process along. References are also provided.