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This post addresses Training at Pal's Sudden Service.

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Read and respond to the Training at Pal's Sudden Service Applied Case Study in a 3-4 pages of notes in accordance with APA guidelines. Be sure to thoroughly respond to the case study questions and support your interpretation with evidence.

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The solution provides a detailed discussion and references to the case titled Training at Pal's Sudden Service. All case questions are thoroughly answered. This is a complete case solution.

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Here is how I would handle each part of your case. I have also provided references and resources at the end for you to use further, for your case study. These are the main points that need to be addressed, based on the scenario provided.

If I were in charge of training and had to develop a training program that would reduce the number of transaction errors, I would put a few different measures into place. The first action I would take would be to have a protocol in place for thoroughly analyzing the errors, when they do take place. One of the greatest strategies for the elimination of employee error is to determine why the error occurred. This is the most crucial point in error analysis.

Once it can be determined as to why it occurred strategies are then implemented from having the same error occur again. In this type of error analysis, the actions of the employee are comprehensively analyzed, along with the structure of the equipment. Management oftentimes determines that the employee is not using equipment properly, especially cash registers, or that they are working at a speed beyond what they can actually accomplish, and it increases transaction error rates.

Another step to take in developing a training program to reduce employee transaction errors would be to base the program on improving internal quality. Companies oftentimes take this approach when designing their programs and it has been found to be effective in many instances (Daniels, 2012). With this type of program, the employees face consequences for ...

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