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    This post addresses types of power.

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    From an organizational behavior perspective, power is the capacity to influence the behavior of others. Power relationships are the medium within which business is conducted. There are different types of power including the following:

    - Reward Power
    - Coercive Power
    - Legitimate Power
    - Expert Power
    - Referent Power

    Please select one of the above and share your personal experience, discussing the specific circumstances and use of the specified power and its impact on you.

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    Legitimate power is the strongest form of power, in my opinion. In addition, everyone has a story regarding legitimate power, because we have all faced this form of power before. Many people have been on both sides of the power, and will continue to be, throughout your academic, personal, and professional life. Many stories ...

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    This solution provides a detailed discussion examining the different types of power and further examines one type chosen from the list provided.