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Business Management

Aligning IT and Operations in an Organization

What needs to be done to successfully align business and IT in your organization? If you don't know or are unemployed, conduct some independent research regarding this topic for an organization of your choice.

Business Dilemma in Credit Unions

June 2010, I started the journey of becoming a Supervisor for the first time. Within the first week an employee called in sick on a Saturday. Let's call the employee Sara to make this easy. Working at a credit union we only work four hours on Saturday's and normally with a limited staff. Instantly an employee commented, "Let


1. Labor is an important factor of production for all firms. The most recent unemployment rate is estimated at 9% (January 2011). Economists have identified three types of unemployment. Which type would affect your firm. Explain.

Sexual harrassment policy of Ferrum College

Read the Sexual Harassment Policy of Ferrum College below. Discuss whether the policy addresses quid pro quo harassment and hostile environment harassment issues. Provide documentation (and properly cite the reference) from the Sexual Harassment Policy of Ferrum College in your discussion. Provide three recommendations to the po

Flexible Manufacturing Systems

Please help with the following business management problem. Include at least one reference in your solution. Explain the concept of flexible manufacturing systems.

Analyze the case of Xerox's role and image in today's business world

Identify and describe one big idea that seems important and explain why the reasons. Relate the following article to Leadership and Management styles and theory. Xerox CEO Ursula Burns discusses Xerox's role and image in today's business world, her management style, and how she feels being the first female African-American C

Forecasting using exponential smoothing

A company uses exponential smoothing with trend to forecast monthly sales of its product, which show a trend pattern. At the end of week 5, the company wants to forecast sales for week 6. The trend through week 4 has been twenty additional cases sold per week. Average sales have been eighty-five cases per week. The demand for

Forecasting and Trends for Printed Circuit Boards

A manufacturer of printed circuit boards uses exponential smoothing with trend to forecast monthly demand of its product. At the end of December, the company wishes to forecast sales for January. The estimate of trend through November has been 200 additional boards sold per month. Average sales have been around 1000 units per mo

Transnational Models and Global Firms

Compare the description of the transnational model to the elements of a learning organization. Do you think the transnational models seem workable for a huge global firm? Why or why not?

Structuring Alternatives to Escalating Pay

It is clear from the numerous articles on global pay and benefits that competition for talent is as vigorous as the pay and benefits. What could you offer as an alternative to escalating pay? Keep in mind that some consultants advocate for strong brand as a strategy to compensate talent. They will be able to attract and retain t

Problem Solving, Identifying the correct problem

Often the most difficult part of problem solving is identifying the correct problem. Many times, for example, symptoms get mistakenly identified as the problem. Effectively addressing a symptom does not solve a problem. The best business leaders are adept at analyzing situations to identify core problems. Once you have correctly

Ethics in management

-Describe how values differ at personal and professional levels, and how they are similar. -Apply a current business ethics issue to support your ideas. -Describe and define which ethical system(s) and its theory(s) that relate to your chosen business ethics issue and give your reasons for choosing them.

Evaluating Employees on Intangibles

Are the intangibles such as personality, attitude, and behavior as important to consider when evaluating an employee as is his or her work product? Why or why not?

Identify the mistakes that Foster's made and to suggest actions that Foster's should have taken to create value. Identify some of the reasons why Foster's thought the combination of beer and wine made sense.

One of the reasons for Foster's acquisitions was that it thought it could realize economies of scope from the sharing of resources/capabilities. They thought that both operational relatedness and activity sharing would easily develop. It is clear that Foster's did not have a real deep understanding of the wine business, as evi

Decision Tree Analysis: To Undergo or not to Undergo Surgery

Firm research data are not yet available to predict the likelihood of survival for this 50 year old man. If the internist tells this man that if he elects to avoid surgical treatment of the liver problem, chances of survival will be approximately as follows: only 60% chance of living for 1 year, a 20% chance of surviving for 2

Hospitality Business - Message Consistency

1) What is message consistency? Why is message consistency important in a marketing campaign? How might a hospitality organization ensure message consistency in its marketing efforts? 2) What is internal marketing? Why is it important for a hospitality organization to utilize internal marketing? Provide examples.