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    How a Nightclub Can Be Successful

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    ?Please explain how a nightclub utilizing technology to make their business more effective and efficient.
    ?Explore the cloud technology concept.
    ?Discuss the importance of information technology planning and control processes to protect confidential information and prevent major loss of information.
    This section should address but not be limited to the following items:

    - Software packages you will use

    - Networks- Internal/External- Cloud technology

    - Hardware (PC/Laptop/Printer etc)

    - Email/Instant messaging programs

    - Web Site

    - Disaster Recovery Plan

    ?Determine the information technology used in the business.
    ?Develop the information technology plan for managing and controlling information.
    ?Evaluate a plan for managing and controlling information.
    ?There are weaknesses in every plan. Make sure to point out any weaknesses and explain how you will address them.

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    The use of Technology in the Nightclub:

    The running of a nightclub is a very challenging business task. This is based on the fact that it is the attractive nature and the services offered at the club that will increase the client base of the business. It is hence upon the entrepreneur to ensure that there is a vibrant nightlife for the clients who want to have fun and relax after a hard day. A strategic vision for the company should be created with the incorporation of technological aspects to ensure that the environment and the operations of the company appeal to the target audience. To attain a competitive advantage over the rest of the nightclub business organizations, the technological equipment and systems that are used in the nightclub should ensure that the decorations and the theme of the company are attaining their role in setting an ambience that will please the clients and enable them to maintain their values customer loyalty (Katers, 2012).

    The Benefit of Technology in the Nightclubs:

    Business technological systems in the company have been known to increase efficiency in the mode of operations. In the nightclub, the efficiency of the operations can be heightened since the socializing setting will be maintained. The featuring of live music to the clients will be made through systems that support proper music coordination. Music mixes can also be achieved with the use of technology with the help of a professional DJ. Through the technology, the music, theme and the services that will be offered to the clients will be maintained at an efficient level. The orders that are made in the nightclub can be done in a technological data base that will ensure that every drink that is served is pain for and the orders not delayed. The employees of the company will hence be motivated due to the help attained from the technological devices and systems increasing their productive rates (Schneider, 2012).

    Cloud Computing:

    The act of delivering of computing operations in terms of services to any user is termed as cloud computing. ...

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