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Communication, Research, and Diversity

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Problem Discovery and Definition: Define and describe the research objectives for a restaurant business, and a nightclub business. Compare and contrast the two.

- How would you conduct the selection of exploratory research technique for a restaurant.
- How would you conduct the selection of exploratory research technique for a nightclub.
- Who is the best communicator you know? Why do you consider that person to be so? Who is the best listener you have ever known? Describe what that person does that makes him or her so good at listening.
- What methods have these individuals used in overcoming barriers to communication that are physical? Status based? Cultural? Linguistic?
- How might the characteristics of communication you identified in these individuals be used in the supervisor-subordinate relationship?
- Do you believe that legal quotas are necessary to increase the diversity of top management teams? How can companies leverage the increasing numbers of women on corporate boards?
- Discuss how diversity and creativity in top management teams drive group processes.

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The research objectives for a restaurant business are as follows. The food that the restaurant business should include in their menu, the maximum prices that the customers will be willing to pay for the food, the décor that will appeal to the customers of the restaurant, and the promotions that the customers of restaurants like the most.

The research objectives for a nightclub business are the size and type of dance floor its customers like the most, the DJs the customers like the most, the music the customers of dance floors like the most, the music genres the night club visitors like the most, the maximum cover charge customers are willing to pay, the dress code the customers prefer, the persons whom the customers prefer on the guest list, and the types promotions the customers want.

There are some similarities between the research objectives of restaurants and nightclubs. Both are seeking to get information about the product, price, distribution, and promotion. The differences are that the products are different, the pricing objectives are different, and the methods of promotion are also different. For example, one of the objectives of a restaurant in product development is to keep the tables occupied most of the time the restaurant is open. in contrast the nightclub has the objectives of attracting high paying and spending customers.
The selection of exploratory research technique for a restaurant will be based on the information I need. I require in-depth information for the menu, ...

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