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    Marketing mix

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    1. Determine the marketing mix specific to your selected global product/service. Explain your choice of marketing mix. Prepare a marketing plan that addresses product modification, pricing, promotional programs, distribution channels, and e-business in you chosen country. Include market indicators and trends for your product or service.

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    Let us take each elelment of marketing mix one by one:


    The main services of our company will be primarily providing entertainment services at our night club to business executives and tourists in Hong Kong. The entertainment range of services will include dining, dance floor and music, executive lounges,etc. The main feature of our service which separates us from rest of the offerings in the Hong Kong region is the true American style executive entertainment offering which we are trying to bring to Hong Kong via our night club and providing an unique business enterntainment experience which is not being offered by any other nightclub in the region. The closest competitor to our services will the Club B-Boss, which is the only other business oriented night club in Hong Kong. Therefore, we are trying to establish a niche for ourselves in the thriving entertainment and leisure industry due to the increasing number of business visitors and tourists in the country.

    Our service offerings strengthens the positioning of Hong Kong as an attractive destination for tourists and business visitors in the sense that we are trying to bring together the best of both worlds by offering True American Styple Executive entertainment in the beautiful city of Hong Kong and bridging the gap between nightclub and executive entertainment.

    However, in order to be fully successful in this region, certain modifications in our service offerings will be required to meet the "special" needs and wants of not only local people, but large number of international visitors from different countries as well who come to Hong Kong for business and pleasure. It is very important to take care of culturally sensitive issues of the host country in order to fully reap the benefit as well as enhance the image of the company's services in the eyes of the local people. Some of the special modifications which will be required in our services are those related with adhering to common business etiquettes, customs and cultures prevailing in Hong Kong by hiring exceptionally talented personnel familiar with local culture in certain key positions, ability to ascertain the true requirements and expectations of multi-lingual guests visiting from different countries by hiring hostesses who understands different languages due to the large number of foreign visitors who expect to arrive at the club and use its services,etc. Some of the other modifications which will distinguish our services is facilities such as currency conversion, virtual tours of the premises and facilities, etc. which will certainly position our services in a unique manner among ...

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    Determine the marketing mix specific to your selected global product/service.