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    training supervisors impacts

    How does not training supervisors impact an organization? How does your organization develop supervisors? How can employee turnover and absenteeism help an organization identify a training need? What are some issues that organizations should address for dual career couples?

    Common PowerPoint Mistakes

    What are some common PowerPoint mistakes? How can they be avoided? What can you do to be sure that your PowerPoint presentation is well received? What tips can you share with the class to ensure a successful presentation?

    Cause & Effect Diagrams Situations

    Problem: Determine a situation in which you could develop a Cause and Effect (C-E) Diagram to help analyze a quality issue at starbucks Assignment Expectations: It is not necessary to develop the diagram. You need to understand the situation and identify the quality issue and the reason that a C-E diagram would be useful. Do

    Cause & Effect Diagrams

    Cause and Effect Diagram For this diagram, you need to find your own quality problem. This can be either a problem at work or one in your personal life. For example, you might be dissatisfied with how your lawn mower is cutting your grass. You can do a C-E diagram to brainstorm the possible causes of the effect "poor grass cu

    Implementing Future Trends in Training

    Visit Teleportec to read about the introduction of holograms for training purposes. This is one example of future trends in training. Discuss your view of how training will be conducted ten years from now. Include in your discussion the changes your view requires of management. http://www.teleportec.com/technology.html

    Probabilities of Failure in a Programmable Calculator

    A manufacturer of programmable calculators is attempting to determine a reasonable free-service period for a model it will introduce shortly. The manager of product testing has indicated that the calculators have an expected life of 30 months. Assume product life can be described by an Exponential distribution. a. If service


    Hoping to increase the chances of reaching a performance goal, the director of a research project has assigned three separate research teams the same task. The director estimates that the team probabilities are .9, .8, and .7 for successfully completing the task in the allotted time. Assuming that the teams work independently, w

    Business Research Methods: Example Problem

    Why would a noted business researcher say, "It is essential that we always keep in mind the model of the controlled experiment, even if in practice we have to deviate from an ideal model"?

    Analysis of Large Scale Change Principles

    Think about a change process that you have experienced: a downsizing, an acquisition, an introduction of new technology, the replacement and introduction of a new leader, being put in a new group, the creation of a new enterprise, and so on. Or think of a personal change, such as a change in relationship or a new job. Use the fo

    Designing a Cognitive Stimulating Process

    Hint/Help: "While most managers may talk about wanting their employees to think outside the box, many organizational and team cultures frown on creativity as it challenges existing authority. Team creativity requires a conscious effort in design. Based on materials from this and previous weeks," (along these lines of answering

    Opinion: Was Herman Cain correct to suspend campaign?

    In researching this week's topic on effective decisions, I came across an article that has really been in the media lately. The article states that Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain told supporters Saturday that he is suspending his presidential campaign, which has become hobbled in recent weeks by allegations of sexua

    You are a salesperson and you happen to oversee your manager

    You are a salesperson and you happen to oversee your manager's expense report for a time frame when he was working with you. Clearly he has reported fictitious expenses. He has been with the company a long time and is highly respected. What should you do about this? Please discuss in detail and justify your reasoning.

    three questions to answer

    Instructions: After nearly 18 months of experimenting with the Pro-Audio Sales Agent Program, Steve March was pondering the difficult assignment of re-evaluating the Pro-Audio Sales Agent Program. The program has been extolled by some as ââ?¬Å"creativeââ?¬Â? and ââ?¬Å"pioneeringââ?¬Â?, and an important effort

    Letter of recommendation for a Business

    Mike just finished his bachelor degree in business management, and he is ready to apply for his MBA at Harvard University. He worked at his family Automobile body shop collision and auto sales for 8 years as a salesman, insurance adjuster & a sales and accounting manager, he also have an associate degree in management from X col

    Developing a Forecasting Model

    A regional hospital is considering the expansion of the ER to accommodate an expected increase in patient loads. Fixed (up-front) costs are equally likely to be any value between 1 and 1.5 million $. For the first year of the project, average variable cost per visit and revenue per visit are expected to be $55 and $165 respe

    Effective Arguments and Business Communication

    1. How might presenting effective arguments differ in the classroom, daily life, and your job? Would you use different types of supporting evidence to make your argument? Explain. 2. Select a channel used for business communication. What are the advantages and challenges of that form of communication? Provide an example when

    Business Consulting Questions

    1 What are four potential barriers to change? How might these impede the success of a change initiative? As a consultant, what mitigation strategies might you propose to your client for each of the potential barriers you identified? 2 As a consultant, recognizing resistance from a client is important. Chapter 8 of Flawless

    Describe the relationship between supervisory planning and supervisory control. Do planning and control work together and even complement each other, both in the short-term and in the long-term, or not? Can one exist without the other?

    Describe the relationship between supervisory planning and supervisory control. In what ways are planning and control independent processes, and in what ways do they go hand-in-hand? How does an effective supervisor apply planning and control to achieve success and high productivity for his or her team? Describe a sp

    Queuing Analysis: Deliveries clogging the loading dock area

    See attached Excel file. Deliveries clogging the loading dock area How often do we have more than 5 trucks, more than 6 trucks, and more than 7 trucks. What is the highest number of trucks we may have in the system with a 95% probability? And then, assuming the arrival rate of the deliveries does not change, what does the

    Need help with information paper

    Discuss the following evaluation plan. Define the elements that are present. Describe those that are missing and propose evaluation techniques that would fill those gaps. Qwerty Ltd (QL) designs and builds custom keyboards from scrap computer parts. They resell the keyboard to industries that need non-standard keyboard for

    Evaluation models: Kirkpatrick Model for training evaluations

    See attached file. One of the best known models for evaluation is the Kirkpatrick Model. The levels of evaluation describe there are used as guides for organizations applying for training awards. Search the internet on "Kirkpatrick Model" to find documentation about this model. Post 1-3 paragraphs comparing this model with th

    Michael Plumb's job shop: Distance in feet between work areas

    Michael Plumb's job shop has four work areas, A, B, C, and D. Distance between centers of the work areas are attatched in Excel. Work pieces moved per week between work areas are attached in Excel. It costs Michael $1 to move 1 work piece 1 foot. The weekly total material handling cost of the layout= $___

    Operations management: Bakery demand, standard deviation

    A bakery wants to determine how many trays of doughnuts it should prepare each day. Demand is normal with a mean of 5 trays and standard deviation of 1 tray. If the owner wants a service level of at least 95% how many trays should he prepare (round to the nearest whole tray)? Assume doughnuts have no salvage value after the d

    Life-long Learning

    A basic definition of continuous learning provided by Carter McNamara (1999) of Authenticity Consulting, LLC is, "If the learner can view life (including work) as a learning program, then the learner can continue to learn from almost everything in life. As a result, the learner continues to expand his or her capacity for living,

    cross training

    Does this cross training motivate employees to work as a team or does it cause anxiety because employees feel like anybody can do their job? Please explain. Discuss how conflict can be beneficial in the group environment----identify a particular group or organization and describe how conflict in a particular area is beneficia

    Research of strategic management

    Outline the research approach you will use for the Strategic Plan for PNC Financial Services Group Inc. within the Mortgage division, Include the following: ââ?¬¢ How you intend to validate the organizational vision, mission, and values statements ââ?¬¢ Sources you expect to use to perform an external environme