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    Tablet Development Company - Joe Schmoe Report

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    First, Run the Simulation using the Default Decisions. (In other words, use the prices and R&D% that are already there.) As you run each year, you will need to capture or collect the results for each year, for each product, X5, X6, X7. You need to copy (using Excel, by hand, or some other method) the Financial results and Marketing results. The final Total Score will be $1,216,253,749.

    It is December 15, 2015. Joe Schmoe, the VP of Marketing at Tablet Development, Corp., is smugly patting himself on the back for how well he has done with pricing and product development on the three products, X5, X6, and X7. He knows his strategy was not very creative, since he did not change any prices or R&D allocations over the four year period (actually six years, counting 2010 and 2011.) But he is certain that he did not need to change anything. And he's sure his overall performance is proof. But, Sally Smothers, CEO of Tablet Development, has a different opinion. And she does what she has to, Joe is called in and let go. Dang, Joe thinks, fired again.You are hired. You applied for the position a few weeks ago and interviewed, not sure of the fate of Joe Schmoe at the time. But you were the one that Sally wants. So here you are, Dec. 15, 2015, VP of Marketing at Tablet Development, and ready to move the company ahead into 2016. Your boss, Sally Smothers, is expecting you to take over and move the company forward in terms of product development, and smart pricing.

    Sally wants to make sure that you are ready to move ahead. So she asks you to review the past four to six years to see what was going on in terms of product development, sales, pricing, and performance against the competition. So you collect all of the data and write a report which is due on Sally's desk 1/2/2016.

    Analyze the results of Joe Schmoe's decisions and then write the report that Sally is requesting. Run the simulation of the Tablet Development Corporation using the default decisions. Collect the data for each year. Make a case for your proposed strategy using financial analysis and relevant theories:
    - a review of the products, their life cycles, how they stack up in terms of price and performance
    - financial review for each product: X5, X6, and X7 - sales, costs, profitability, prices, unit margins, etc
    - market review: New Sales, Repeat Sales, Market Saturation, etc.

    Propose an alternate strategy: a general idea of how you might do better with these products: what pricing and R&D allocations, etc. would you have put in place over the last four years, 2012 - 2015.

    Reference: http://forio.com/simulate/jelson/tablet-development-sim/simulation/#p=page0

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