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Business Management

Jealousy in the business environment

How can we take the jealousy that others display and improve the overall situation within the environment? What can be some of the ramifications when staff are demonstration jealous tendencies? What can we as managers/leaders due to decrease the potential for jealous outbreaks within the department/organization?

Change Management: Two Projects Cases

See attached files. The attached two files contain discussions of a change management project that went well and one that did not go well from two different learners. It also listed the factors that lead to the success or failure of the project. Please provide comments for both of these discussions pertain to the following

What is the Transformation Process?

A. What is the transformation process? B. Can the transformation process be applied to both goods and services? C. How might data be used during the process? Use examples in your response to help clarify your definition.

Strategic Management

B.B. Lean is a catalog retailer of a wide variety of sporting goods and recreational products. Although the market response to the company's spring catalog was generally good, sales of B.B. Lean's $140 deluxe garment declines from 10,000 to 4,800 units. During this period, a competitor offered a whopping $52 off their regular

Strategic Management

A manufacturing plant has a potential production capacity of 1000 units per month (capacity can be increased by 10% if the subcontractors are employed). The plant is normally operated at about 80% of capacity. Operating the plant above this level significantly increases variable costs per unit because of the need to pay the sk

General question regarding team interviews

I'm seeing more and more "team" interviews in organizations. For example, an organization I recently worked with has a three-round interview process. For instance: (1) Three to four people will review the applications and make recommendations on who to interview. (2) Then, an interview committee of 3-5 people (which

Assistance with Input/Output Report Example

See the attached file. Part B Part B: The Input/Output Report Lab Points Description Report Construction 10 Using data provided to you, complete a table for the Report Construction. Data Assessment 10 Using the data and table for the Report Construction, answer questions for the data assessment. Total 20 A quality table

A Formal Report: How to Run Successful Meetings

Develop a thesis and an outline for a formal report about "how to run successful meetings". I also need to identify my audience and establish why this would be useful information for them. Resources for research would be helpful.

Initiatives for Training of Staff

-Identify three initiatives that we as managers/leader could implement to promote the asking of questions within the specific corporate culture -What might be three signs that there is a need for retraining of staff to promote question asking within your corporate culture? -Is setting timelines for goals is an effective me

Employee Competence and Accountability Measurements

-Measuring employee competence in order to impact accountability; also are there standardized competencies that target accountability. -Is there a way to have an individual become accountable for his or her own actions? -Do we have a responsibility to our staff and society to promote and encourage individual or personal re

Corporate Governance: Shareholders

Commerce Bank was founded in New Jersey with a single location in 1971. Its founder, chairman and CEO, Vernon W. Hill II, was a real estate developer, whose wife owned an interior decorating business. By 2007, it had 450 branches from New York City to Washington D.C., open 7 days a week. With branches springing up like Burger Ki

Behavioral vs. Traditional Interviewing

There are numerous tools to assist you in developing job descriptions. Examples of such tools are SHL Work Profiling ( and WorkKeys ( Of primary importance is identifying the primary and secondary functions of a job. Job profiling processes allow you to gather information about the job from emplo

Supervisory Training Presentation

Can you help me get started with this assignment? Identify and discuss the laws that affect the retention of employees,, and the termination of employees. In the presentation, identify at least one or two laws other than Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and its subsequent amendments for each area. In my presentation I mu

Utilitarian Approach to Day to Day Business Decisions

Do you believe that a business owner should take a utilitarian approach to making day to day business decisions? Why or why not? Post your initial response 1. Do you think business people should be required to study ethics? Why or why not? 2. Is it important for most people in the same company to share similar ethica

Private Security Site Evaluation

I need to fill out a site security evaluation on an existing business. I can't find a sample to work off of. Our instructor said we can find case studies online, but I have not been able to find any. I have attached the evaluation form and would appreciate any guidance.

Quantitive Reasoning in Business

#1. What value do statistics add to decision making? What limitations are there when applying statistics to decision making? #2. There are four levels of statistical measurement: nominal, ordinal, interval, and ratio. The lowest (considered the most primitive) measurement is nominal. The highest level measurement that provid

How have economic trends affected the restaurant industry?

Consider the restaurant industry and explain how recent, current, and forecasted economic trends have affected the industry's attractiveness. What firms have exited the industry? What firms have entered or increased investment in the industry?

As a PM, use a risk management Plan for earthquake

Using what you know, the PMBOK, and your various textbooks as references, document at least 5 risks involved in constructing a new building on the college campus. Indicate the risk, impact if it occurred (low, medium, high), probability of occurrence (low, medium, high), and an initial response plan. This should be completed for

What are the main differences between microeconomics and macroeconomics?

You are asked to address a professional meeting and explain microeconomics, macroeconomics and their differences. Please answer the following questions: What are the main differences between microeconomics and macroeconomics? Provide an example of a microeconomic and macroeconomic phenomenon. Would you give an example of

How motivational practices affect productivity at Hewlett Packard

Prepare a paper on how motivational practices affect productivity in an organization such as Hewlett Packard Describe what the organization currently does to maintain and improve performance. Describe how employees respond to expectations and requirements for increased performance. Where do these motivation practices work wel

Strategic Management: Strategic Choices of Apple

Coming from an integrative perspective, examine Apple's success/failure. How good is Apple's strategy? How well does it work? How has Apple seized external opportunities and dealt with threats by leveraging its strength? How has Apple's weaknesses aggravated threats and resulted in them not taking advantage of opportun

Job Design and Scheduling for Wal-Mart: Benefits, difficulties, bottlenecks

Using the concepts and operations management principles on Wal-Mart: 1) How would Forward and Backward Scheduling inform managerial decision-making in that organization. 2) What are the benefits and difficulties of scheduling for the organization to implement this concept. 3) Can you identify any bottleneck in the opera

TMPQ assessment for Personal Improvement

TMPQ Summary My TMPQ assessment identified me as a Concluder-Producer with complementary inclinations which place me solidly in the "southeast" quadrant of the assessment wheel. The TMPQ assessment very accurately described my personality, outlook and working style as "single-minded, determined people, who like to see tasks


How can Wal-mart logistical system be improved? response is 520 words plus references

Procurement - commodity forecasting - Corn Report

Written report about Corn; 1) commodity specification - C0rn - what is corn....etc 2) what is the purpose of corn / what can it use for 3) where does it growth - name the major countries, estimate volume produce each year/respective country 4) who is the major exporter 5) who is the major importer 6) what is the unit