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    Employee Selection Method

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    Which employee selection method would you recommend using? Provide an example and explain both the positives and negatives attributed to this method.

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    The employee selection method depends upon the position. The most important step is to outline the job, its' responsibilities, and the skills an applicant needs. This should be clearly stated and all applications should be vetted prior to an interview to ensure that requirements are met. For most employers, the fastest, least expensive method to select employees is to have applicants fill out an application, interview them in person, call references, and make a decision.

    An initial pre-interview can be conducted prior to setting up the interview, so that applicants can ask questions about the job. This could be done on the phone or if a large applicant pool is expected at an orientation. This will help some prospective employees self-eliminate. It is important to make sure the application is filled out correctly, that the prospective employee sounds reasonable, and that his or her references are legitimate and complimentary of him or her. Many employers get references but do not take the time to make contact. This can be a costly mistake.

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    This solution outlines a recomended employee selection, and provides an example, as well as the positives and negatives associated with the method. It includes links and examples.