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Learning Assessment System Job Position

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Choose a job position that you are interested in obtaining (any example apply), and keep it in mind throughout this assignment. Demonstrate how Industrial/Organizational psychology benefits both employees and organizations.

In an introduction, clearly state and briefly describe the position you are using as an example. Include a conclusion in your paper that sums up the challenges that an I/O psychologist would face in designing and implementing this position. Format your paper in APA style. Your paper should be between 4 and 5 pages in length. You should spend roughly ½ pages on each of the criteria below.

Please see attachment for further instructions.

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This posting gives you a step-by-step explanation of subjective hiring decisions. The response also contains the sources used.

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Step 1
The position that I am interested in is production supervisor. The job analysis method that I will use will be an interview and a check list. These methods have been selected because the production supervisor is a position that will give proper information about his position (a). During the interview ,the job analyst from the HR will interview the persons already in the position of production supervisor and their inputs will be aggregated. In the checklist method the worker or supervisor will check items on a standardized task inventory that apply to the job. Checklists will be custom made for the supervisors. These methods will benefit both the applicants because the job analysis will be objective. It will help the company because it will enable the company to check if the required knowledge, skills, and abilities are present in the incumbent.

Step 2
I will avoid making a subjective hiring decision in filling this position by giving the latest job description of the production supervisor with every advertisement or notice for recruitment. Next, when the applications are received I will compare the applicant's skills, knowledge, and abilities with those present in the job description. Based on the job analysis and the job description that I have published, I will assess the applicants and only those who have the skills, knowledge, and abilities required for the position will be shortlisted for interview. For example, the position of production supervisor requires excellent interpersonal skills but if an applicant does not have such skills even if he is highly qualified, he will not be selected. By comparing the skills, knowledge, and abilities of applicants to those required in the job application, I will avoid making subjective decisions.

Step 3
I will ensure that I am using employee selection methods that are both reliable and valid by administrating a test based on the job analysis. The questions will be directly related to the job and the work that ...

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