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    Performance Evaluation Methodology

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    See attached case file.

    1. BACKGROUND: Provide some Background on the Case itself
    2. ANALYSIS: What are the major points in this case? What are the issues or problems or issues you have identified?
    3. SOLUTIONS: What are methods that would address the issues/problems (you need to support this with some research).
    4. CONCLUSION...A general wrap-up of the Case and your summation of the case itself.

    Cite the reference in correct APA format and should include at least 2 external resources.

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    This article sheds light on the need for balance between the subjective observations made by management in relation to employee performance, and the traditional approaches that have been used to measure employee performance based on the outcomes and subsequent profitability of the organization, that was enhanced by employee performance. This article also sheds light on the potential for a more productive and exact method of examining the overall performance of an employee, based on the use of the manager's subjective observations of the employee's performance, as they relate to intangible aspects of the individual's performance, that are not easily ascertained through qualitative methods of employee performance measurement. Although qualitative measurements of employee performance are excellent methods of determining the increased profit that an employee's increased performance brings to an organization, this article investigates the void in the performance measurement paradigm that is ...

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    The expert examines performance evaluation methodology.