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Business Management

Develop, implement, and evaluate an EMS

I need some help with these study questions, please... 1) How do you develop, implement, and evaluate an EMS? What are some challenges in completing this process? 2) What is an LCA? What are the outcomes of an LCA? How may you control possible outcomes?

Future Outlook and Industry Trends

Write a market overview: Market is Body Shaping (example: Need to understand industry trends and future outlook for body shaping services. Need this for insertion into a business plan. Purchasing a Suddenly Slender Franchise. Need 3-4 references, some I quickly Googled and some I found are be

MBA Degree

Students apply to MBA programs for a variety of personal and professional reasons. What do you hope to gain from achieving your MBA and how will it support you in your personal and professional goals in IT Global Management? Since I'm interested in global Management as a specific concentration , need to discuss in this essay.

Order Size and Annual Costs

See the attachment. 1. A large law firm uses an average of 40 boxes of copier paper a day. The firm operates 260 days a year. Storage and handling costs for the paper are $30 a year per box, and it costs approximately $60 to order and receive a shipment of paper. a. What order size would minimize the sum of annual ordering

Path-goal style

Discuss a contemporary leadership situation with which you are familiar. Your analysis should indicate what you would guess to be the path-goal leadership style of the leader in this situation and the task and subordinates' characteristics, supporting the position with specific examples and explaining whether the action taken wa

Negotiaton - Influence Tactic

Discuss how much you think people portrayed themselves accurately, as opposed to portraying themselves in the way they want other people to believe. How might you use information about the discrepancies between the way people portray themselves and what actually occurs during a negotiation to your advantage? 627 words, three

Expected US GDP Growth Presentation

You are the newly appointed President of the local Chamber of Commerce. You are making your first presentation to the Chamber and want to make a good first impression. Your presentation will be based on the following topic, purpose, and audience. Topic: Expected U.S. GDP growth rate going forward Audience: Local chamber

How Consulting Firms Manage Their Knowledge

See attached file. 1. Choose a company and briefly describe its business and uniqueness in its industry. Now compare its management practices with the 6 principles (see attachment) described in the lecture portion of the Module 3 Readings. Is the company on the right track? Support your response with solid reasoning. Woul

Gender and negotiation - Response III

Having read the response of the following learner, what negotiation tools can you find from the post of this learner ? How might you prepare differently for a negotiation with them ? What suggestions can you offer to help them use their gender influence effectively ? The following is the comment from Belinder: Gender

Negotation and Gender

Response Guideline: Having read the response of the following learner, what negotiation tools can you find from the post of this learner. How might you prepare differently for a negotiation with them ? What suggestions can you offer to help them use their gender influence effectively ? Marc: When men and women negoti

Chart for job-based or person-based

Milkovich compares and contrasts a person-based salary structure with a job based. Create a table with your jobs in column 1 and your determination in column 2. In column 3, write a short statement explaining why you placed the job in that category. Job Ideal Structure

Medical Office Procedures

Please help in developing a new office protocol pertaining to billing and cash management. Explain the relationship of the new protocol with other existing polices, such as data collection, communication, privacy, and medical records. Include a high-level flow chart depicting the sequence of tasks (use powerpoint).

Commuter Scooter Case Analysis

Commuter Scooter (CS) was created by a former car engineer Gil Hoffstedt and his daughter Hannah in 2008. Inspired by Jillâ??s need to get around L.A. in traffic, her Dad fashioned a minicar out of a Scooter using a third wheel for additional balance and to create an interior space. Started as a subscription rental service, i

Argumentation and Influence Every Day: School, Work, Home

How might argumentation differ in the classroom, daily life, and your job? To demonstrate this, select a position from a current event with which you are familiar. How would you argue this position in the classroom, daily life, and on the job? Would you use different supporting evidence to make your argument? What expectations w

Total Compensation Plan for Riordan Manufacturing

Gather detailed information regarding Riordan Manufacturing for the following: The influence of the organizations financial condition on the total compensation. How your plan will be communicated to leadership and employees?

Professional Business writing

Needing help with addressing GDP to give an Idea of what the economy may look like based on recent history and expected future conditions such as how the GDP is determined, Trends, Forecasts, and statistics. The response addresses the queries posted in 897 words with references.

Legality of Risk Management

Topic: The Legality of Risk Management 1) Assume the role of a chief executive officer. 2) Research a legal case associated with risk management. The case could have occurred in your organization or be found in a literature review. 3) Analyze the case. 4) Identify the pertinent facts and the case's outcome, focusing on the

Information Sources on Forecasting Methods

See the attached file. Research at least six (6) information sources on forecasting methods; take notes and record and interpret significant facts, meaningful graphics, accurate sounds and evaluated alternative points of view. ? Preparation: Produce as storyboard with thumbnails of at least ten (10) slides. Include the fol

Leverage and Power in Nogotiation

Describe how you think power and influence tactics interact with gender during negotiations. How does the gender of whom you are negotiating with affect the influence tactic you use ? What differences have you experienced when negotiating with males and females ? 1,161 words and references

Reproductive Processes of the Organization

Reproductive processes are one of the secrets of corporate America. Being able to replicate the same process continuously, produce a specific product or service consistently and adjust to new conditions after each cycle of replication has always been the profit generator of American business. Small operations very adept at innov

Create a specific risk management process for a healthcare organization

See attached file for template. Create a specific risk management process that can assist in responding: To an error that may occur in a healthcare organization. Use the information and steps on the Risk Management Plan Template to complete your paper. Complete the Risk Assessment Questionnaire Template to assess