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    Strategic Management: General Motors

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    When working in the area of strategic management, you will often be asked to look at what appears to be a strategic initiative on the part of another company and speculate as to what the strategy behind the initiative really is. In other words, what is the company really trying to do and why? You will find that you have to use your knowledge of business and strategic management to penetrate the rhetoric and determine what is really behind it.

    Explore the GM website: http://www.gm.com/

    1. Characterize GM's commitment to the environment?
    2. Do you think this commitment will offset the environmental issues with fuel economy and greenhouse gas emissions? Provide support for your opinion.
    3. What are GM's real strategic reasons for these environmental initiatives?

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    Strategic Management:

    The vision that drives the operations of GM Company is; to be the leading corporation offering transportation product and other related services. This is vision is attained through; great customer enthusiasm that has been established in the organization, the high levels of integrity, teamwork, innovation, continuous improvements and individual employee respect and responsibility. In the quest of ascertaining the reason behind the environmental commitment of General Motors, it is paramount to note that GM recognizes that is it only through the process of acting responsibly that the organization will be able to continue to be economically successful (Goldenberg, 2010).

    Commitment to the Environment:

    The organization has recognized the profound impact that it is making from its products and the manufacturing facilities. The impact has had immense significance in the global warming effects that is affecting the environment. This is based on the carbon gas emissions in the air from the company manufacturing entities. This is the main reason as to why General Motors has taken up the initiative of constantly improving the efficiency performance levels of the company vehicles. The process that is used in the assembling of the cars has also been advanced to ensure that the environment has been safeguarded. The environmental initiatives of the GM Company are geared towards the following initiatives; the fuel economy, the reduction ...

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