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    General Motors: Strategic Development

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    Targets for Strategic Improvement or Development:
     What specific areas of corporate performance does your strategic team suggest be targeted for improvement or development other than your identified strategy?

     Are there "new products, services, or markets, etc." that the company should try to exploit?

     What rationale can be used to justify these targets? (Why does your strategic team specifically believe these targets should be dealt with through strategic development?)

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    Targets for Strategic improvement or Development:
    The key areas of strategic performance suggested by my team are that General Motors should reduce its overheads. In addition, the labor costs per unit must be reduced. These reductions can be brought about by improvement In the production process, re-negotiation of contracts with workers, and improved designs of cars. The new designs should be such that both the labor cost per unit and overheads are reduced. GM should continuously measure, monitor, and control the ratio of materials per unit costs and labor per unit costs. In addition, the overheads for marketing and ...

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