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Business Management

Paper on the American Society of Quality's Distinguished Service Award

About the Distinguished Service Award Purpose & Background The purpose of the award and the background (year established, for what reason, by whom, etc?) 15% Award Criteria The criteria upon which the award is based (tables may be of assistance here to support your text) 20% Benefits of the Award The desc

Elements of Effective Training

What are the components of an effective training program? Why is it important to conduct a needs assessment before designing a training program? How is HR involved in the development process of the training program?

Arzte fur das leben versus Austria

In platform "Arzte fur das leben" v. Austria, a group of doctors demonstrated against the legalization of abortion and their demonstration was disrupted by counter-demonstrators. The European court of Human rights held that demonstrators had to be able "to hold the demonstration without having to fear that they would be subje

Continuance commitment

Please help answer the following question. Provide at least 400 words. Can continuance commitment ever benefit an organization?

HR: Nancy's EEOC charge; Plan to manage turnover; Audit by Immigration Control

While the answers are not essays per se, they should include references where appropriate, and I have included a 'References' section at the end for APA-formatted references. Please find at least a couple of additional references to support the response (need to provide more than just an opinion, but also substantiate the respon

Guidelines to keep survey responses private

What guidelines would you follow to ensure the participants of a survey will have their responses kept private? Get the answers here. Guidelines to ensure private responses are gathered from a survey to increase the likelihood of good survey responses. Provide at least 200 words, no references are required.

Product Maturity

The prepaid cell phone industry is growing right now, but eventually demand will level out and the industry will start to mature. How would the maturation of the industry worldwide impact your business strategy?

War & Terrorism

In a few paragraphs, discuss what attitudes and ideologies legitimate wars and terrorism. What steps could be taken to diminish the possibility of war and terrorist acts?

Discuss the five contextual dimensions of an organization

Contextual dimensions characterize the whole organization and describe the organizational setting. Size is the organization's magnitude as reflected in the number of people in the organization; Organizational technology refers to the tools, techniques, and actions used to produce the organization's products or services;

Analyze a performance evaluation system; relationship to compensation system

Prepare a paper analyzing the performance evaluation system in your organization (or one with which you are familiar) in terms of its effectiveness in evaluating job performance. Also, explain the relationship between performance management and compensation in your organization. Are these items linked? If so, how? Make rec

Discuss types of communications channels in your organization

Discuss the types of communications channels in your organization, such as e-mail, fax, Intranet, publications, face-to-face meetings, telephone, and CCTV. Describe the types of message that flow through four of these channels. Explain why you believe it is important for a manager to select the appropriate channel for any

Assessment Degrees for Personality Types

See attached file. You have completed the assessment, to the degree that you are able to, think about it for a bit; then prepare a paper discussing the following points: - a brief summary of your experience taking the assessment - the degree to which your personality type as indicated by the assessment fits your self-imag

Discuss employee development and the relationship between employee training.

1.What is the relationship between employee training and employee development? Are both necessary within an organization? Which is more important to an organization's development and why? 2. Should the Human Resources Department be responsible for career development? Why or why not? What are the advantages or disadvantages of

Employee Training and Career Development

What is the relationship between employee training and employee development? Are both necessary within an organization? Which is more important to an organization's development and why? Should the Human Resources Department be responsible for career development? Why or why not? What are the advantages or disadvantages of prom

Hollander introduces the concept of idiosyncrasy credits: What does it mean?

(1) Hollander introduces us to the concept idiosyncrasy credits. What does the concept mean? Explain how a member of a group might accumulate idiosyncracy credits and the role that these credits play in the emergence of a leader. (2) What is legitimate power. (3) What was the primary objective of Podsakoff and Todor's res

Discuss and compare external recruiting and internal recruiting of new managers. This is a three detailed paragraph response from a former MBA candidate, with an M.Ed. and multiple teacher certifications!

Both external recruiting and internal recruiting of new managers have advantages and disadvantages for the organization. Discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of both of these types of recruiting and compare them. ... I also feel that a personality test and or some sort of test that checks for aptitudes (which more com

Public Speaking Training Manual

Describe and discuss a few of your own personal or professional experiences with presentations or public speaking and illustrate what strategies you have discovered to be effective or ineffective. Thanks for your help!

To whom are small business owners accountable? Implement sustainable practices.

1. Large business leaders are accountable to the government, their shareholders, and their stakeholders for business decisions. As such, they face pressure to implement a sustainability plan and penalties for engaging in non sustainable practices. To whom are small business owners accountable? What pressures do small business ow

HR: Developing a Selection Process for Hiring

Develop a selection process for one of the following jobs. - Bank Teller - Retail Store Cashier is selected - Telephone Customer Service Representative - Human Resource Manager - Waiter or Waitress This assignment will have two parts. The first part is associated with this unit, and the second part is associated wit

McDonald's - Design of Goods and Services

Integrate the concepts and operations management principles address the following questions as they pertain to the fast food restaurant chain McDonald's: 1) How product design is applied in decision-making of that organization? 2) Can you describe a Product Life Cycles in the organization? 3) How different Issues for P

Criterion Development Worksheet and Job Analysis Worksheet

Please see attached file. 1. Assignment: Criterion Development Worksheet I/O consultants are involved in many organizational activities, including the selection of employees, human resource planning, leadership development, performance appraisal, organizational design and diagnosis, and training evaluation. In many cases,

Reorder Point

Annual demand for a product is 13,000 units; weekly demand is 250 units with a standard deviation of 40 units. The cost of placing an order is $100, and the time from ordering to receipt is four weeks. The annual inventory carrying cost is $0.65 per unit. To provide a 98 percent service probability, what must the reorder point b