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Texas Roadhouse Business Case Study

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Please see attachment to answer these questions:
1. Voluntary turnover is a significant challenge in the restaurant business. Why do you think restaurant employees might quit jobs more than employees in many other industries? Why would employee retention be an important advantage in the restaurant business?

2. According to this case, what methods does Texas Roadhouse use to promote employee retention? Suggest a few other methods the company might use and why they would be effective at Texas Roadhouse.

3. What is your response to criticism that companies shouldn? t send employees on lavish retreats when the economy is slow? Under what conditions would a lavish retreat help a company, and when would it be harmful to the business? Under what conditions would the retreat be ethical or unethical? Based on your criteria, explain whether Texas Roadhouse seems to have made a good decision in conducting its motivational retreats.

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I think that restaurant employees quit jobs more than employees in many other industries, due to the fact that the restaurant business is a highly stressful business, and employees are expected to perform under very trying conditions. Restaurant employees are expected to provide services to their customers in a very expeditious manner, and this within itself will put a lot of pressure on all of the employees from the managers, to the line cooks, dishwashers, servers, etc. In addition, restaurant employees, especially the servers and hosts, must deal with a great deal of customer issues, and not all of the customers who enter a restaurant facility are reasonable and agreeable patrons. In addition to the inherent stress that is associated with restaurant employment, the pay that these individuals receive is often ...