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    Texas A&M University-Kingsville: Formulate a research design

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    Formulate a research design.

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    Research Topic: Enrollment of College of Business Administration at Texas A&M University- Kingsville

    (General information about research topic)
    Texas A&M University-Kingsville is located in historic Kingsville, a friendly, safe city
    Of 25,000 that is the home of the legendary King Ranch. Corpus Christi and its beaches
    Are just 40 miles to the northeast, and the border with Mexico is 120 miles to the south at
    Brownsville or 119 miles to the west at Laredo. College of Business is noted for
    Preparation of business professionals and offers a broad variety of undergraduate and
    Graduate programs. College of Business Administration, is nationally accredited by the
    Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) to offer the Bachelor
    Of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree at the undergraduate level and the Master of
    Business Administration (M.B.A.) and the Master of Professional Accountancy (M.P.A.)
    Degrees at the graduate level.
    The College of Business Administration is composed of the following three departments:
    The Department of Accounting and Computer Information Systems
    The Department of Economics and Finance
    The Department of Management and Marketing

    In addition, the College houses the J.R. Manning Center for Professional Ethics which
    Serves as the location of the Philosophy program for the University.
    Primary service area of the College of Business is the three counties of Kleberg, Nueces,
    And Jim Wells. However, it has traditionally also drawn many students from the areas
    Around San Antonio, Victoria, and the Rio Grande Valley.

    (Research problem)
    Since A&M-Kingsville became part of The Texas A&M University System, and changed
    Its name in 1993, its identity has suffered. No external campaign promoted the name
    Change or made it known. And, no marketing effort has attempted to re-establish the old
    Identity, or create a new one. In this same environment, competition for students has
    Increased from community colleges and universities throughout South Texas, while
    Universities from other parts of the state and nation are increasing their recruitment
    Efforts in South Texas as they attempt to increase their minority enrollments. From 1998
    To 2002 the enrollment of College Of Business increased 38%, from 713 to 986.
    However this is significantly lower than desired.

    (Research approach)
    The prior research objective is to prepare a marketing research to increase the enrollment of College Of Business Administration at Texas A&M University-Kingsville and offer
    Strategic goals that support this objective. The other main objectives to do this are as
    1. Obtain information about the general characteristics and student demographics
    Of College Of Business and use statistics of enrollment and retention rates to
    Understand the current situation and define the target population.
    2. Refer to the results of previous studies and marketing plans to determine the
    Strengths and weaknesses to prepare a SWOT analysis.
    3. Analyze the survey results of all external and internal audiences, learn the general
    Opinions and focus on the biggest qualities and lacks of the school.
    4. Search the rival institutions in South Texas, learn their superiorities and lacks
    To compare with A&M-Kingsville
    5. Evaluate performance and offer goals to implement a plan with resources

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    Objective: To increase student enrollment.
    Project: Texas A&M University-Kingsville improving the enrollment in the College of Business Administration at different levels, that is (B.B.A),(M.B.A) and (M.P.A) levels.

    Background and Objectives
    1. First to use secondary information about the student preferences and choices industry in the business schools limited to the area around Kleberg, Nueces, Jim Wells, Corpus Christi, Houston, San Antonio, Victoria, and the Rio Grande Valley. The sources will range from publications related to different universities, news articles to internet sources (including student sites).
    2. Second, to use syndicated sources to get a report on the business schools in the universities in the area around Kleberg, Nueces,Corpus Christi, Houston, Jim Wells, San Antonio, Victoria, and the Rio Grande Valley. This would give us an idea of the pricing, product, distribution and promotional strategies of other business schools.
    3. Thirdly, survey- interviewing to be use to collect primary data including the use of observational methods and focus groups.
    4. Fourthly, the use of sampling methods for the selection of sample for survey.
    5. Fifth, measurement of the data collected.
    6. Sixth, the tabulation of the data collected and data processing.
    7. Seventh, preliminary data to be analyzed.
    8. Eighth, data analysis and development of strategies for improvement of enrollment rate for the College of Business Administration..

    1. Mainly university publications, publications on student preferences and Internet sources, including student maintained sites of competing universities for secondary data.
    2. We intend to use the CMS report on business schools for secondary data.
    3. Observational ...

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