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    Mission, Vision and Stakeholders of Wal-Mart

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    Identify the major mission and vision of the company Wal-Mart; the goals and objectives and tell me if it is in line with the needs of the major stakeholders involved, e.g., the customers, the employees and other stakeholders.

    Provide references.

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    Although the company has not specified its mission and vision in its website, the purpose stated by Wal-Mart on its website http://walmartstores.com/AboutUs/8123.aspx can be interpreted and following vision and mission can be formulated:

    Vision of Wal-mart - To attain price leadership in all communities and sections of the society across the world.

    Mission of Wal-Mart - To improve lives of the people by saving their money (Save People Money so they can live better)

    Company's Objectives and goals

    - Company aims to increase the product assortment by 8500 items or 11% of an average store.
    - Sourcing people ethically.
    - Workforce diversity goals have been set by Wal-mart to source people from across different cultures.
    - For 2011, Wal-mart expects a profit growth of $4.41 to $4.51 per share.

    Statement of Purpose of the company is as follows:

    "Saving people money to help them live better was the goal that Sam Walton, our founder, envisioned when he opened the doors to the first ...

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    The solution provides the explanation of vision and mission of Wal-Mart along with its goals and the consistency of these with the needs of the major stakeholders of the Company.