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Wal-Mart's Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives (M, V,G, O)

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Pick a company and explain why it was picked. Explain the mission and vision of the company, as well as its goals and objectives. Do these (M, V, G, O) meet the needs of stakeholders such as customers, employees, etc?

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Key terms: Wal-Mart, vision, mission, low-cost leader

In my opinion a good choice for this type of assignment is Wal-Mart, because there is so much information available regarding the company online.

Bud and Sam Walton opened their first Wal-Mart store in Arkansas in 1962 (Barney, 1997). Sam and his brother perceived the economic potential and need for discount retail outlet stores in rural locations (Barney, 1997). When Wal-Mart began the competition in this market sector was extremely intense and the organizational net income profit margins ...

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