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Eco-Friendly Companies and Sustainable Products: Wal-Mart and Target

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In an APA style response, Research 2 companies (I selected Wal-Mart and Target) that produce sustainable products. Detail their commitment to the environment and how their products make the company profitable.

Evaluate the vision and mission statement and discuss how it relates to the business. Investigate if any market or non-market stakeholders objected to the use of sustainable materials and the basis of their objections.

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Eco-friendly Companies and Sustainable Products
Wal-Mart Company

Wal-Mart Stores is a company which operates different stores of different formats across the globe. Some of these stores include supers centers, market side, discount stores, and Sam's club among others. The company has a mission of saving people's money with an aim of assisting them to lead better lives. The company also has a vision of ensuring that the company's customers as well as associates have increased values in their lives (DATAMONITOR: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc, 2011).

The company is committed to the environment since it believes in enhancing the 'green' nature of the environment. The company's products enhance the profitability ...

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Companies and sustainable products for Wal-Mart and Target is examined. The expert evaluates the vision and mission statement for eco-friendly companies.

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