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    Make belive Company is Earth- Mart Eco friendly Wal-mart

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    Create a SWOTT table summarizing your findings. A SWOTT table template will be provided to you. Not every factor will necessarily be appropriate for your business. You must, however, address a minimum of seven factors among which you must address the legal and regulatory factor as well as the economic factor. Also, not every factor will contain an opportunity, threat and trend or a strength, weakness and trend. Do not force-fit something into a cell where it does not fit.

    · External forces and trends considerations:

    o Global

    o Economic â?" you must address this factor

    o Technological

    o Innovation

    o Social

    o Environmental

    o Competitive analysis


    o Strategy

    o Structures

    o Processes and systems

    o Resources

    o Goals

    o Strategic capabilities

    o Culture

    o Technologies

    o Innovations

    o Intellectual property

    o Leadership

    Analyze at least seven of the forces from the list above. Your analysis must include the following:

    · Include economic as well as legal and regulatory forces

    · Critique how well the organization adapts to change.

    · Identify the major issues and/or opportunities that the company faces based on your analysis above.

    · What major trends are taking place today that might impact your selected business venture.

    Your paper must include the SWOTT table.

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    The eco-friendly Earth Mart can offer the same types of products as a traditional big box retailer
    like Wal Mart, though the range of choices will be limited to eco-friendly products. Such a store should
    also be constructed as an eco-friendly building, by using as many recycled materials as possible and by
    using as much alternative energy as may be available at each site. The SWOTT table below indicates
    how some of the forces may affect the organization's strategy and business plan.

    Force Strength Weakness Opportunity Threat Trend
    Economic Reduced operating costs Consumers may expect lowest price May not compete on price with traditional retailers Increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly products and processes
    Legal/regulatory Most eco-friendly energy sources approved by EPA

    May need to learn the difference between natural and organic-FDA regulations
    environmental Use fewer natural resources Must learn how to re-use and recycle resources Have a huge impact on the environment Many companies becoming more aware and taking eco-friendly measures
    social Consumers who value eco-friendly businesses will spread the word Some consumers have not bought-in to eco-friendly concepts Introduce new products mainstream consumers are unaware of Some consumers not interested Increasing trend of expecting businesses to take action
    Resources Re-claimed building materials, recycled materials, new alternative energy sources Recycled materials may be costly to purchase, alternative energy may be costly to install Trend toward recycled building materials increasing
    Technologies Several options in alternative energy use, wind, solar, hydro
    Few buildings of a large scale can run solely on alternative energy, due to costs and logistics Trend toward increased range of automated supply chain systems
    Cultural Consumers expect eco-friendly businesses Some consumers don't care, still want lowest price May be able to encourage shopper trading of unwanted items for repurpose, additional revenue stream

    Analysis of Earth Mart Forces
    Earth Mart has an opportunity to not only reach consumers who demand eco-friendly products
    but those who increasingly expect businesses to take some action to help the environment. The social
    force that may affect the success of the organization should involve a balanced consideration. One the
    one end of the spectrum are consumers who only want the lowest price, regardless of whether products
    are eco-friendly. A weakness for the organization is that often eco-friendly products are viewed as more
    costly. On the other end of the spectrum are shoppers who demand eco-friendly clothing. "Increasing
    the demand for eco-friendly ...

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