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    Customer Service Management; Checkout Time

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    Is check out time at Wal-Mart used to meet the needs or requirements of its (served and/or prospective) target market(s)? If so, how is checkout time used to attain a sustainable competitive advantage? If not, what does Wal-Mart need to do so that it can use checkout time to attain a sustainable competitive advantage?

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    Sustainable Competitive Advantage

    The way that companies achieve competitive advantage is represented in two fundamental methods. The first factor that contributes to competitive advantage is cost leadership. Cost leadership is a competitive strategy in which a company sells its products or complete its services at the lowest cost in comparison to competitors in the same industry. The second factor that contributes to competitive advantage is product differentiation. The service or product that a company offers must be different than the competitors in similar industries. By combining these two factors cost leadership and product differentiation for a long period of time, companies experience the successful results of sustainable competitive advantage.

    Check-Out Service at Wal-mart

    The Wal-Mart mission is built on selling products and serving customers at the lowest prices at anytime and anywhere. Therefore, the company's philosophy and foundation are built on attaining sustainable competitive advantage outcomes. The customer experience is predicated on an expected outcome of receiving the best service at the ...

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    This solution contains a sustainable competitive approach in terms of customer service management for Wal-Mart. The rationale of Wal-Mart's check-out strategy provides students with a better understanding of one of its various competitive advantages.